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Tipping The Greyscale

Tipping The Greyscale was a project that seemed to unfold without me intending it to; a voyage on which I embarked, not knowing the destination. I aimed to explore entrapment, and the feelings associated with being boxed into a certain all-defining category, in high school particularly, but outside too. The installation allowed me to bring my feelings of entrapment, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from conceptual to concrete...or rather, to cardboard. In addition to the series of photographs, I worked with a team of 3 to construct an installation made entirely of cardboard boxes. The aim was to evoke an imposing and overbearing feeling, typical of objects used to trap or contain objects. I observed that the boxes, stacked strategically on top of each other, achieved the desired effect, especially since there were over 25 of them. Wrapping the boxes in cling wrap further emphasized the theme of entrapment, and added a slight strain, and element of struggle to the otherwise inanimate objects, challenging the viewer to look past the boxes as objects, and view them instead as symbols of imprisonment, on a large scale, a true reflection of an inner struggle at the time. The boxes represented a personal struggle with being stereotypes, boxed into certain traits and characteristics that seemed to solidify and define me, ignoring the fact that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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